A film by Anjani Pandey

Language: ENGLISH / Release Date: JANUARY, 2020

An extraordinary story of a young financial guru, Randy, who suffers a lifetime of heartaches, only to discover the purest form of love in his

one true companion, KOKO.


   WGAW Registration# 1886452   


"KOKO" is an extraordinary story of a young financial guru (Randy) who

suffers a lifetime of heartaches only to discover that the one purest form

of love was found in his only true companion… his dog (Koko).

This is a remarkable love story with a triumphant and spectacularly

happy ending.  It’s about a young accounting executive, RANDY, who

lives through hard life issues ranging from heartbreak to job loss...


...Randy later adopts a dog named Koko and with the gentle

companionship of his new trusted friend, finds a new lease on life

and love.  As he heals from all of his wounds, he finds himself

immediately bonding with Koko, like all pure and natural love does. 

His concern and empathy blossoms and is innocent and pure in nature. 

There is no malice, designs on self-gain or otherwise,

and his relationship with Koko is purely one of the

greatest emotions… LOVE.


Randy feels a connection so deep that the only way

he can express his commitment to Koko is through

the bonds of matrimony. 

As time goes on, Randy decides

to file a court case to be

allowed to legally marry Koko

and so this tale begins…